Official Statistics: Justice Data Lab: February 2017

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Key findings this month

Two requests are being published this month. The requests are for the Making Connections mentoring programme and the City & Guilds prison education programme.

Making Connections is offered to all women approaching release into the community from HMP Send, with the aim of improving prisoners’ confidence and capability to access support, to adapt to life outside the prison, and to reduce reoffending. The results show that those who took part in the programme were less likely to reoffend in the 12 months following release from custody, and had a lower frequency of reoffences than those who did not take part. However, participants who committed a reoffence did so more quickly than non-participants.

City & Guilds works with over 120 prisons across England and Wales to provide offenders with the knowledge and skills they need to secure employment and realise their potential, with qualifications spanning 26 industries. The results show that those who registered for a course were less likely to reoffend, had a lower frequency of reoffences and took longer to reoffend than those who did not.

The bulletin is produced and handled by the Ministry’s analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons: Ministry of Justice Secretary of State, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State – Minister for Prisons and Probation, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State – Minister for Youth Justice, Victims, Female Offenders and Offender Health, Permanent Secretary, Director General of Prisons, Offender and Youth Justice Policy, Chief Financial Officer, 11 policy and analytical advisers for reducing reoffending and rehabilitation policy, 1 special adviser, 2 press officers, and 5 private secretaries.

The report is released by the Ministry of Justice and produced in accordance with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

For further information about the Justice Data Lab, please refer to the guidance

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