Official Statistics: Justice Data Lab statistics: March 2017

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Key findings this month

One request is being published this month. The request is for the St Andrew’s Healthcare psychological treatment programme, which delivers cognitive behavioural therapy to people who have received a Mental Health Treatment Requirement as part of a community sentence. It concurrently addresses reoffending, mental health and social care issues, and involves collaboration with probation and link worker services to improve treatment engagement and compliance.

The overall results were not statistically significant and more people would need to become eligible for analysis in order to determine the direction in which the intervention affects the 1 year proven reoffending rate, the frequency of reoffending and the time taken to reoffend, but this should not be taken to mean that the programme fails to affect it.

Update on the Justice Data Lab service

The Justice Data Lab team have now brought the first quarter of 2015 reoffending data into the service. It is now possible for an organisation to submit information on the individuals it was working with up to the end of March 2015, in addition to during the years 2002 to 2014.

The bulletin is produced and handled by the Ministry’s analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons: Ministry of Justice Secretary of State, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State – Minister for Prisons and Probation, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State – Minister for Youth Justice, Victims, Female Offenders and Offender Health, Permanent Secretary, Director General of Prisons, Offender and Youth Justice Policy, Chief Financial Officer, 11 policy and analytical advisers for reducing reoffending and rehabilitation policy, 1 special adviser, 2 press officers, and 5 private secretaries.

Proposal for change in publication frequency

From April 2017, the Justice Data Lab intends to move publication of its reports from a monthly to a quarterly basis, with the next publication due on 13 July 2017. We encourage users to provide feedback on this proposal to by 31 March 2017.

The report is released by the Ministry of Justice and produced in accordance with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

For further information about the Justice Data Lab, please see the guidance:

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