Burglary is at its lowest level for thirty years

Northern Constabulary Force Helicopter 1998 - by Dave Conner via Flickr
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National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Acquisitive Crime, Deputy Chief Constable Matt Jukes said:

“Any police officer who has dealt with burglary knows how distressing it is for the victims. Police investigate all cases and also ensure that victims who may be particularly vulnerable, such as the isolated elderly, get the support they need from their police force.

“There have always been challenges for detection in burglary cases as, unlike many other crime reports where the suspect is at the scene or nearby, the suspect has often fled and criminals have become smarter about forensics.

“Police focus on targeting prolific offenders and organised crime networks as well as prevention measures by homeowners and businesses are working; burglary has fallen by a third since 2010 and is at its lowest level for thirty years.

“Simple measures can be the most effective in preventing burglary – such as ensuring all doors are locked and valuables are kept out of sight.”

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