National Statistics: Offender Management Statistics quarterly: October to December 2016

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Latest figures for the quarter October to December 2016 are provided and compared to the same period in 2015. This is with the exception of the prison population where more recent data are available (31 March 2017). It covers flows into these services (receptions into prison or probation starts) and flows out (releases from prison or probation terminations) as well as the caseload of these services at specific points in time.

Pre-release list

Offender Management Statistics is produced and handled by the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons:

Ministry of Justice

Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State; Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Prisons, Probation and Sentencing; Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Victims, Youth and Family Justice, Permanent Secretary; Director General, Finance; Director General, Prisons, Offender and Youth Justice Policy; Director of Prisons, Probation and Youth Justice Policy; Director of Analytical Services; Director of Sentencing and Rehabilitation; Deputy Director, Head of Sentencing Policy and Penalties Unit; Deputy Director , Head of Justice Statistics Analytical Services. Policy Manager, Criminal Justice Group (x3); and relevant private secretaries (x7), special advisors (x2), analytical officers (x12), policy officers (x8) and press officers (x7).

National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

Director General, NOMS; Head of Public Protection Casework Section; Deputy Director, Head of Offender Management and Public Protection Group (OMPPG); Deputy Director, Head of Resource and System Modelling; Deputy Director, Head of Offender Analytics and Research; Deputy Director, Offender Policy Team; and relevant analytical officers (x2) and policy officers (x3).

Other government departments

Home Office: Secretary of State; Permanent Secretary; and relevant private secretaries;

Director General, Crime and Policing Group; policy officers (x2)

Number 10: Private Secretary to the Prime Minister

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