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Police Scotland to create ‘cadre of experts’ to beat cyber-crime

Police Scotland plans to create a “special constabulary” of private sector computer specialists who will be called on to help defeat the growing threat from cyber-crime. The national force will use a “cadre of experts” to help bolster its reaction to ransomware attacks, such as the one which hit the NHS last month. Detective Superintendent Willie Cravens, head of Police Scotland’s cyber-crime unit, said there had been 34 ransomware attacks in Scotland in the past year, including 13 on NHS health boards on May 13. The attack locked computers in hospitals and GP surgeries across the UK, with users sent a demand for a payment of around £230. A number of organisations around the world were affected, with reports of infections in more than 70 countries.


Counter-terrorism chief warns Scotland to remain alert in wake of attacks

Scotland’s counter-terrorism chief yesterday urged the public to be “alert but not alarmed”. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson launched Police Scotland’s annual counter-terrorism awareness week in Aberdeen. He said armed patrols are just a small part of the fight.  Johnson said: “You will see police officers in fluorescent coats, armed police officers, highly visible deterrents.



Senior cop sent prosecutors a fake report about Glasgow detective as part of a vendetta against him, tribunal hears

Andrew Reid, 39, says he was targeted by ex-Detective Chief Inspector Jim Dillet after complaining about him. A senior cop sent prosecutors a fake report about a detective as part of a vendetta against him, a job tribunal heard.  Andrew Reid, 39, says he was targeted by ex-Detective Chief Inspector Jim Dillet after complaining about him. DC Reid claimed Mr Dillet, of Police Scotland’s Counter Corruption Unit, accused him of “false” data protection breaches.  He told the Glasgow hearing: “He manipulated the report to make it seem worse. He was attempting to pervert the course of justice. This is a crime.  “He went on a witch hunt against me and concocted lies.”


Officers victims of nearly half of religious hate crimes

Police officers were victims of almost half the religious hate recorded crimes in Scotland last year amid a 12 per cent spike in offending, new figures reveal.  A total of 719 religiously-aggravated charges were reported to Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) in 2016/17, according to the Scottish Government. This marked a 12 per cent increase on the 642 hate crimes reported the previous year – and the proportion of officers victimised grew from 41 to 44 per cent. The Scottish Government has now encouraged people to report hate crime where they see it.  Community safety minister Annabelle Ewing said crimes motivated by prejudice are “absolutely unacceptable”.


Power to hold FAIs into deaths abroad comes into force

Changes intended to modernise the way fatal accident inquiries (FAI) are carried out will come into force this week. Changes introduced by the Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc (Scotland) Act 2016 will “ensure a system which is effective, efficient and fair”, the Scottish government has said.  The power to hold FAIs into the deaths of Scots abroad will be introduced for the first time.  An FAI will now have to be carried out for military service deaths in Scotland, as well as new categories of deaths including children in secure accommodation and deaths under police arrest, regardless of location.


Now police may give all officers body cameras – Daily Mail

Police are investigating the use of costly body-worn video cameras by all officers – risking another row over civil liberties. Scottish officers have met counterparts in the Metropolitan Police and in Northern Ireland, where the BWV devices are already in operation, to research their use.  Details of the ‘initial scoping exercise’ were disclosed to Holyrood’s justice sub-committee on policing.

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