Clarification on inaccuracy reported in Police Oracle

Northern Constabulary Force Helicopter 1998 - by Dave Conner via Flickr
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It is necessary to correct an inaccuracy reported in Police Oracle today that states “Chief Constable Sara Thornton, chairman of the NPCC, said increasing police officer pay would not necessarily go down well with her colleagues.”

NPCC Chair Sara Thornton did not say or imply this in the media briefing reported on by Police Oracle. 

She said: “I’m absolutely certain that every officer and member of staff across policing would welcome a pay rise of more than one per cent but of course that would increase more pressure on the budgets unless there was some better settlement.”

She was using the possibility of pay increase as an example of why the NPCC is asking the government to rethink police settlement so there is real terms protection.

In the briefing Sara Thornton said this was an extraordinary time for policing with four terrorist attacks and one large-scale cyberattack in four months, which was putting a strain on the service and our officers and staff.  She set out three key areas where the NPCC wanted to work with government:

  • commitment to reform and ensuring policing is spending its budget efficiently;
  • real terms protection to stabilise police forces and prevent the loss of more officers and staff;
  • and targeted investment in counter-terrorism, neighbourhood policing and cybercrime.

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