Wednesday 20th September 17

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr
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Force failing to hit targets for more officers carrying guns

Police chiefs are struggling to recruit all of the extra armed officers they promised last year, it was claimed yesterday. In June 2016, the single force announced the number on the streets would sharply increase.  Police Scotland, which said it has 275 officers attached to armed response vehicles at the time, announces plans to add a further 90 by spring this year.


Police Scotland unveil new logo with its name in Gaelic despite just 1.1% of the population speaking it

Police Scotland today unveiled a new logo with its name in Gaelic — despite just 1.1 per cent of the population speaking it. The revamped force badge, which includes the title Poileas Alba, is meant to make the service “more accessible” and inclusive.

Police Scotland unveils dual English-Gaelic logo

Police Scotland has introduced its dual language logo in both English and Gaelic. The branding, which carries both Police Scotland and Poileas Alba, will be introduced on the service’s signs, stationery and vehicles. It will be introduced as items are replaced on reaching the end of their serviceable life.

Listen as one of the unsung fire service heroes helps save a life using only their voice

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has been boosted by new £2.5m centre but their greatest assets are the calmness and skill of control room staff.

The skills of control room firefighters can make the difference between life and death for anyone caught up in the terror of a blaze. Their ability to calmly assure stricken callers that help is on its way – and remind them not to panic – is crucial in increasing their chances of survival.  Yesterday, as a £2.5million state-of-the-art control centre opened in Dundee, a senior officer explained how important their role is.  Alasdair Hay, chief officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service , said the work of the control centre staff is invaluable.

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