5th Oct 2017

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr
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Shattered ex-detective reveals agony at losing bid to sue cop chiefs for £1 million over alleged smear campaign

A shattered ex-detective last night told of his agony after losing his bid to sue cop chiefs for £1million over an alleged smear campaign. Alan Cotton, 47, claimed he was forced to quit after being driven to the brink of suicide by the force’s Counter Corruption Unit.


Smoking cannabis DOES make people more violent: Project confirms for the first time that using the drug is the cause of crimes

Cannabis users are more likely to commit violent crime, pioneering research has shown.

It warned those who smoke the drug regularly run an increased risk of using violence against others. The project is the first to demonstrate that cannabis is not only linked with violent crime but is the cause.  Violent incidents monitored by the study based on the lives of more than 1,100 American psychiatric patients included assaults, attacks with weapons and rapes.


Nil by Mouth: Football officials ‘lack backbone’ to tackle hate

Campaigners for strict liability have accused Scottish football of lacking the “backbone” required to kick racism and sectarianism out of the national game. Anti-sectarianism charity Nil by Mouth will today meet SNP MSP James Dornan as he attempts to introduce a strict liability bill in the Scottish Parliament. Strict liability, which is already in place in England, allows clubs to be punished with fines and points deductions for the behaviour of their supporters.


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