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Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr
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As part of the party conference campaign, SPF held a Fringe Event at the SNP Conference today. It was themed

Policing for the Public

Anyone following policing in Scotland over the past few years would be forgiven for thinking that the public were an inconvenient consideration in what was otherwise an accounting, bureaucratic, financially vulnerable political experiment.

Whilst questions over governance and audit are legitimate for any organisation, policing is first and foremost a public service – its high time this more than anything else was at the heart of any discussions over the future of policing in Scotland.

Despite what we hear, too many of our citizens feel they have little option but to accept whatever level of police service they are given.

This fringe will discuss how we all have a part to play in designing the police service we want and what we can do to try and get it

The Fringe heard SNP delegates express concern re the current governance structures and the lack of local involvement in decision making.

The biggest shock though was when delegates heard about the pressures on response officers. A couple of anonymous examples were shared, laying bare the difficulties faced by ‘frontline’ officers by having too few of them.

The audience of politicians, party delegates  and journalists were astounded to hear of officers struggling to get toilet breaks (never mind meal breaks), the short notice changes of shifts and the poor quality of equipment.

A Twitter ‘Moment’ of Tweets about the event can be found here

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