10th Oct 2017

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‘You are letting police down’ Angry mum of ‘fatigued’ former cop ambushes Justice Secretary Michael Matheson

Michael Matheson was ambushed by an angry SNP member whose daughter quit the police on the edge of a nervous breakdown. The mum accused the Justice Secretary of letting down “physically and emotionally exhausted” officers. Matheson, who was visibly shocked by the intervention, heard claims of relentless 10-hour shifts, often with no meal or toilet breaks. It was claimed IT systems are “defunct” and officers are forced to use cars with 130,000 miles or more on the clock and no Satnav. Matheson apologised to the woman, who did not want to be identified, at an SNP conference meeting hosted by the Scottish Police Federation. The mother said she was “incredibly proud” to attend her daughter’s passing out at Tulliallan three-and-a-half-years-ago.


SNP conference: Crisis-hit police officers on verge of ‘nervous breakdowns’

Scots police officers are on the verge of “nervous breakdowns”, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson warned today. The mother of a woman who quit the crisis-hit single force from exhaustion accused the Justice Secretary of letting down its rank-and-file.  Confronting him at an SNP conference fringe event she revealed her daughter had endured “relentless” 10-hour shifts, often without a meal or toilet break.


Scottish Police Authority board members raise concerns over government contacts

An as yet unpublished doctoral thesis uncovers concerns raised by members of the police watchdog’s board about the level of contact with ministers. The research emerged during a fringe event at the SNP conference in Glasgow hosted by the law reform and human rights organisation Justice Scotland on police accountability and oversight. Liam Ewing, Justice Scotland board member, said the author of the thesis had given permission for some of its contents to be shared at the event, including anonymous quotes from interviews with those who had served or were serving as SPA board members.



Justice Secretary Michael Matheson ambushed with claims of a police crisis for second SNP conference in a row

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson was ambushed with claims of a policing crisis for the second conference in a row. The Nat was left squirming as a party member revealed her cop daughter quit over “inhumane” conditions, including having no time for loo breaks.



Somebody needs to speak up for Police Scotland officers risking their lives on the front line

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson is used to facing flak from his political opponents, but it must be particularly bitter when the attacks are coming from your friends. For the second year in a row, Mr Matheson has found himself ambushed by furious cops on his home turf at the SNP conference.


Volunteer crimefighters to fill police vacancies

Chief constables have spent £600,000 on a campaign to fill thousands of policing vacancies with volunteers. Unpaid members of the public are being asked to carry out jobs that were traditionally done by officers, from holding speed radar guns and monitoring closed-circuit television cameras to supporting elderly crime victims.  The “Step Up” campaign, to be launched this month, is aimed at volunteers of all ages. Forces increasingly rely on unpaid workers to cope with budget cuts.


Anxiety and depression among UK workers up nearly a third in four years, figures show

Anxiety and depression among workers in the UK has hit a record high, rising by nearly a third in the last four years, new figures reveal. Research by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), seen exclusively by The Independent, shows that rates of moderate to extreme anxiety and depression among employees has soared by 30.5 per cent since records began in 2013. Part-time workers appear to be bearing the brunt, with the figure among this group having risen by more than a third (33.6 per cent) in the same period.


Locked Up For Horrific Crimes But Freed Early

Violent criminals and sex offenders including murderers and rapists are being freed early on parole at a rate of nearly two a week. Figures obtained by the Mail show the extraordinary scale of parole for the most dangerous criminals, sparking fears over the risk to public safety.


Lawyer may head police watchdog

A former prosecutor has emerged as the frontrunner to chair the watchdog overseeing Police Scotland. Paul Rooney is tipped to succeed Andrew Flanagan ans take over at the crisis-hit SPA.


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