19th Oct 2017

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr
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Orkney Drugs Dog launches charity fundraising drive

A charity has launched a fundraising drive to get a drug sniffer dog in Orkney. Orkney Drugs Dog wants a dog and handler to help police detect drugs and visit schools to educate young people about their use. It follows concerns from the Orkney Community Safety Partnership about drug abuse on the islands. Officers currently need a warrant to bring a drugs dog over from the mainland.


Ring 555 if you are victim of bank fraud: New hotline suggested to tackle scams

A new 555 emergency hotline may be set up for bank fraud victims under plans to tackle the growing number of crimes. The emergency number specifically for bank fraud has been suggested in order to crack down on rising scams and alert banks to illegal money transfers. The idea is reportedly being discussed by ministers, police and financial officials. Current advice states that victims should contact Action Fraud rather than 999 as police rarely investigate individual instances of bank fraud.


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