30th Oct 2017

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Sexual harassment of women at the Scottish Parliament is a “ticking time bomb”, says top lawyer Aamer Anwar

The Scottish Parliament has been hit with allegations that women have been subjected to a catalogue of sexual harassment at Holyrood, the Sunday Herald can reveal. The claims come from Scotland‘s leading human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar who says that women at all levels in the Scottish Parliament have been sexually harassed and the perpetrators should be running scared. Anwar says he has spoken to a number of women over the last two years, and since the unfolding of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, about their degrading treatment by men at Holyrood.


Hoax calls to Ambulance Service up 84% since 2012

Malicious emergency calls rose by 84% – from 881 in 2012/13 to 1,622 in 2016/17. The figures, obtained through a freedom of information request by the Scottish Liberal Democrats, also show the number of emergency incidents rose 11% in the same period to 570,354. Party health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton warned that hoax calls to the ambulance service risk lives.  He said: “The people in our ambulance service do an incredible job which saves countless lives.


Former detective targeted in Emma Caldwell spy op claims rogue cops smeared him

A retired murder squad detective says his superiors came close to destroying his reputation after launching an unlawful spying operation against him. David Moran is now demanding the publication of a secret report and a public apology from Police Scotland after being wrongly targeted in an internal affairs unit bid to identify Sunday Mail sources. The unit have been accused of heavy-handed tactics and over-the-top inquiries.  Moran, 54, said: “I find it astonishing that the body set up to root out and prevent corruption within the police end up appearing more corrupt than anyone they are investigating.  “Working on murder inquiries, I would not dream of cutting corners and breaking the regulations and law that they did. It’s scandalous. “The whole problem with Police Scotland is the lack of accountability.”


‘Bullying’ probe chief constable has ‘special leave extended

Scotland’s chief constable is to remain on special leave for another month while allegations of gross misconduct against him are investigated. Phil Gormley went on leave four weeks ago following a series of complaints about alleged bullying.  He is currently facing three separate investigations by an independent watchdog, but denies any wrongdoing.  The Scottish Police Authority’s board considered that it was “appropriate” for him to remain on leave for now.  Allegations, when Mr Gormley confirmed he was the subject of a probe by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner. This concerned a complaint made by a superintendent in his private office.  He initially remained in post, but after a further complaint was made.  The SPA put him on a period of special leave, rather than considering suspension, which they said would be reviewed after four weeks.

With a third Pirc investigation underway and sent to the SPA, the board decided it would be appropriate for Mr Gormley to remain on leave.


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