7th Nov 2017

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Fresh call for police to be armed after officer stabbed in the back

Fresh calls have been made for Scotland’s police force to be routinely armed after an officer was stabbed in the back in Edinburgh. The police officer was attacked after being called to Edinburgh College in the Granton area of the city yesterday morning. A 19-year-old man has since been arrested and charged. In the wake of the event, the body which represents rank and file officers – the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) – said fresh questions had been raised about officers being properly equipped to deal with such incidents.


Prisoner human rights’ violations ‘raising risk of attacks on police’, warns SPF

Cuts to custody facilities are leaving police officers in Scotland exposed to a greater risk of assaults from detainees, MSPs have been warned. Budget reductions are testing “the goodwill of the most compliant prisoner” – after being routinely kept in handcuffs and cells for excessively long periods and placing “intolerable pressures” on officers, the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) claims. The result, despite people’s best intentions, was that “an unacceptably large number of prisoners are treated in a manner… completely incompatible with their human rights”, adds the SPF. It blames “diminished funding” – cutting custody centres by a sixth in the last four years – for forcing officers to convey prisoners “vast distances” to cells, “zigzagging the country” in an “inherently wasteful” use of police time.


Cop ‘seriously injured’ by firework while she was responding to a call

Police have joined fire chiefs in condemning attacks on emergency services on Guy Fawkes Night after an officer was injured by a firework. The female police officer’s injuries are described as serious but not life-threatening following the incident in the Muirhouse area of Edinburgh on Sunday night. She was responding to a call about fireworks being set off with “disregard for public safety” when she suffered burns.


Police officer stabbed in the back at college campus

A police officer has been stabbed in the back at an Edinburgh College campus. A man at the college’s Granton campus, formerly known as Telford College, was said to be threatening to harm himself and others on Monday morning. Police were called at around 9.10am and an officer suffered a stab wound to his back.  The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) questioned if an unarmed officer should have been sent to the incident. SPF general secretary Calum Steele said: “The habit of sending unarmed police officers to incidents of knives is one which continues to cause concern for the Scottish Police Federation.


Man charged after police officer stabbed at Edinburgh College

Police have charged a 19-year-old man after a police officer was stabbed in the back at a college in north-west Edinburgh. The constable was injured after police responded to reports that a man with a knife was threatening self-harm at a campus for Edinburgh College in the Granton area shortly after 9am on Monday.  Calum Steele, the general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, said it had launched its own investigation into the incident and was likely to lodge a formal complaint.  Steele said the federation had raised concerns after similar incidents in the past. The SPF has argued for greater routine use of armed officers.  “Police officers feel vulnerable and feel exposed without adequate equipment,” he said. “The SPF continues to raise concerns over the practice of sending unarmed officers to deal with armed assailants, whether they be armed with knives or other weapons.”



Shocking figures reveal kids as young as NINE caught with blades, knuckle dusters and drills on streets of Glasgow

Shock figures have revealed kids as young as NINE have been caught carrying a host of offensive weapons including blades, knuckle dusters and drills on the streets of Glasgow.

Cops found three boys age nine and girls as young as 11 with offensive or bladed weapons in the city in recent years.


Police Federation says front line ill-equipped as officer ‘stabbed’

A police officer has been left injured during an alleged stabbing at Edinburgh College yesterday – sparking renewed calls for better protection for front line staff. The male officer had been attending calls about concerns for a man at the West Granton Road Campus when he sustained a wound to his back at around 9.30am. He was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for treatment by the Scottish Ambulance Service. The injury was later described as “non life threatening” while his alleged assailant was detained.



Tragic Clutha pilot David Traill’s colleagues to be quizzed as part investigation into tragedy

Clutha pilot David Traill’s former police colleagues will be quizzed as part of an investigation into the tragedy. Prosecutors will interview officers who flew with the doomed helicopter’s captain after a report blamed him for the crash.  It is thought they will gather evidence on working practices among cop crews ahead of a fatal accident inquiry.  A source said: “The Crown Office will be seeking to interview anyone they think is relevant and fleet members will be the same.


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