Celebrating Scotland’s #CourageousCops – Fearless duo PC Daniel White and PC Alexander McCullough

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Celebrating Scotland’s #CourageousCops – Fearless duo PC Daniel White and PC Alexander McCullough

With just two weeks until the annual Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards, today we continue highlighting our Courageous Colleagues from across the country winning an award at the event on 30 November.

Ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. #ItsWhatWeDo

Today we hear how PC Daniel White and PC Alexander McCullough tackled a violent armed man who was harming himself and the public.


Two Police officers who kept the public safe from a violent armed man in the heart of Glasgow have won a Scottish Police Federation Bravery Award.

PC Daniel White and PC Alexander McCullough, of Baird Street Police Office, were first on the scene to the harrowing incident that took place on busy West Nile Street at afternoon rush hour this April.

A man had attacked and injured two members of the public with an axe and was carrying a Stanley knife in each hand as the pair arrived. He was covered in blood, highly distressed and aggressive towards the officers.

The officers repeatedly shouted to keep passersby out of the way, while they kept themselves between the man and members of the public.

The man had a Stanley knife in each hand and began to slash his own neck with the blades. The officers repeatedly shouted at him to stop and to drop the knives, but he was determined. They used their PAVA to protect him, which unfortunately didn’t have much of an effect, before grabbing both of his arms and pushing him to the ground. They restrained him until paramedics could arrived, but he later succumbed to his own injuries.

PC White, who has 12 years on the job, said: “When we arrived, we didn’t know what had happened. Was this man a victim of assault? So when it emerged that he was attacking himself, it was quite shocking. But you just get on with it.

“I suppose when you’re in this position you just know you are responsible for protecting people, so you just do it. Sometimes you don’t think about it until afterwards, how much danger you put yourself in – you just go and you help out as best you can.”

PC McCullough, an officer with 13 years’ service, added: “That’s our job, that’s what we signed up to do. I don’t think you really realise the danger you are in until afterwards.

“In hindsight I thought – what if this had been a terrorist incident? Could there have been more than one attacker? Could it have been a Lee Rigby-style attack? Could a bomb be about to go off?

“But at the time we were just very focused on trying to contain the situation and make sure no one got hurt. It just all moves so quickly.”

The officers will attend a Parliamentary reception at Holyrood on 30 November before an evening awards ceremony where one overall winner will be named. This is the third Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards, which honour officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty.

Andrea MacDonald, Chair of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “The actions undertaken by these police officers that day were incredibly brave. They ran towards certain danger when many others would have ran away.

“Knowing full well that they were unarmed and could have fallen victim to the man’s attack, they stood their ground and then went forward to protect others. This level of courage and commitment is simply breathtaking, and Daniel and Alexander thoroughly deserve to be honoured for what they did.”

The awards are sponsored by Police Mutual and the hashtag for the event is #CourageousCops.

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