PPE Survey Results

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The SPF PPE Survey results have now been published and can be viewed here

The Survey took place between 19th June and 24th July 2017 and received over 4200 responses,

The most notable result was the number of officers who wanted to have access to a handgun- 64% overall, rising to 73% of the 25-34 yrs age group.

When asked whether they would be prepared to be trained in the use of a handgun in case it were needed, 77% were in favour.

When asked nine out of ten officers polled wished to have a TASER device.

Although not directly comparable, these are significantly higher figures than was seen in a recent survey by Police Federation of England and Wales.

Vice Chair of the Scottish Police Federation, David Hamilton said,

“This survey shows the clear capability gap that police officers in Scotland currently have. Stretched budgets, low resource levels and an increased threat from criminality and terrorism is making our officers feel vulnerable and ill equipped to keep people safe.

Whilst we have some of the best Specialist Firearms resources in the world, it is the officers responding to day-to-day calls that are at the greatest risk form spontaneous violence. There is nothing in between- we go from nought to SWAT, a situation that must change.”

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