22nd Nov 2017

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Two thirds of Scottish police officers want access to HANDGUNS

Almost two-thirds of Scotland’s police officers want access to a handgun, according to research. A survey by the Scottish Police Federation found that 64 per cent of officers support such a move.  The finding came as about an eighth of the workforce said they believe their existing personal protective equipment is “ineffective”.  Federation bosses said officers feel “vulnerable and ill-equipped”.  The SPF represent 98 per cent of all officers in Scotland, from constables to chief inspectors, as well as cadets and special constables.  At their spring conference, the SPF debated the suitability of the protective gear issued to officers by Police Scotland and a more detailed membership study on the issue was authorised.


Call for Chancellor to refund £140m to police and fire

Scotland’s Finance Secretary has said a “key test” of Philip Hammond’s Budget will be whether he refunds £140m to the police and fire services in Scotland. Derek Mackay is urging the Chancellor to end the current requirement for Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to pay VAT, which was brought in when regional forces were merged to form the single, national bodies. And he wants the Treasury to go further and refund the £140 million they have paid out so far.


Police Scotland to buy drones to support helicopter unit

Police Scotland is planning to buy two drones equipped with high-resolution cameras in what would be a first for the force north of the border. Tender documents reveal plans to spend around £125,000 on two “unmanned aerial vehicles” for the force’s Air Support Unit, which currently consists of one helicopter. Police Scotland said the drones would “greatly enhance” the unit’s ability to “quickly deploy resources to incidents such as missing person searches and crowd monitoring, obtaining live, detailed imaging of search areas and significantly reducing deployments”.


Chris Marshall: Why every Scottish police officer doesn’t need a gun

It was the early hours of a Saturday morning in March last year when police were called to deal with a man armed with a crossbow. It was the early hours of a Saturday morning in March last year when police were called to deal with a man armed with a crossbow. Over the course of the next seven hours officers were fired at and told they would be murdered by their assailant, who had barricaded himself into a house.


Majority of Scots police officers want access to a handgun

Almost two-thirds of Scotland‘s police officers want to have access to a handgun, according to new research. A survey by the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) found that 64% of officers support such a move. The finding came as around an eighth of the workforce said they believe their existing personal protective equipment (PPE) is “ineffective”. Federation bosses said officers feel “vulnerable and ill-equipped” as they called for change.


Herald View: We must have the safety of police in our sights


SNP warn Tory MP glory hunters not to take credit for police VAT U-turn

SNP politicians are furious at Tory MPs claiming credit for ending VAT charges for Scotland’s police and fire services. When Chancellor Philip Hammond stands up to deliver his Budget today, it is widely expected he will confirm plans to end the anomaly that has left Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue service as the only territorial forces unable to claw back VAT. It’s also widely expected that he will say the U-turn is down entirely to lobbying by Scotland’s 13 new Tory MPs.


Police and NHS pilot initiative to help missing people

Police and NHS are to pilot an initiative to help missing people. The Herbert Protocol is a process, which is advantageous to police and partners when dealing with missing person reports involving those who are diagnosed with Dementia or a Learning Disability.  During discussions between Police Scotland and Interventions in Dementia, Education, Assessment and Support (IDEAS), Dumfries and Galloway National Health Service, it was found that due to a general increase in the number of people within our community diagnosed with Dementia and Learning Disability, that working together would better assist in the response to locating them should they go missing, whilst minimising stress to family and friends during the initial stages of the investigation.


Police Scotland offers free flu jabs in ‘investment in employee wellbeing’

All officers and staff in Police Scotland will receive access to flu jabs as part of a new wellbeing initiative. Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone announced last week that Police Scotland’s workforce will now be able to claim vouchers they can redeem for flu vaccinations. Several of Scotland’s legacy forces offered flu vaccinations but the new policy marks the first time they have been offered nationally.  The Scottish Police Federation said the jabs are “exactly the type of thing police officers have been looking for”.


Alcohol minimum unit price set to be introduced in May

Scotland’s minimum unit price for alcohol could be in place by May, Shona Robison has announced. The Scottish Health Secretary revealed the proposed implementation date for the policy, which was last week given the green light by Supreme Court justices. While MSPs voted through legislation for a 50p per unit minimum price for alcohol in 2012, a legal challenge by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), which argued the policy breached European laws, delayed its introduction.


Domestic abusers abroad to face trial here

Domestic abusers who commit crimes abroad will face trial in Scottish courts under proposed new legislation. Scots courts will have the power to prosecute such cases involving Scottish residents and UK nationals – even if the abuse happens outside the country.  MSPs yesterday examined a planned new law which criminalises psychological abuse and coercive control – and proposes a bail crackdown for the worst offenders.


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