Official Statistics: NOMS annual offender equalities report: 2016 to 2017

Ministry of Justice - by Jim Larrison via Flickr
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The Equality Act 2010 lists nine Protected Characteristics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy/Maternity

This report focuses on those protected characteristics where data are collected, and are of sufficient quality for statistics to be meaningful. In general, this report is limited to analysis on gender, age, ethnicity and religious belief for these reasons. Where data are available for other protected characteristics at sufficient quality and with sufficient coverage to be meaningful, they are also presented and considered.

The report presents some analysis by individual characteristic and is meant to serve as a guide for further research. In many cases, more than one factor (e.g. age and another protected characteristic, criminal history, socio-economic) may have an effect on an outcome.

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