Detailed guide: Animal testing and research: annual returns

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Always check this page to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date returns and guidance notes. We welcome feedback on these documents.

2017 return

The return of procedures – animal use data 2017 (XLSM, 476KB) form should only be used for procedures completed during 2017.

Refer to the guidance documents below when you complete your form. After clicking on the link for the form, click ‘save’, choose an appropriate folder, and click ‘save’ again. This will ensure that macros are automatically enabled when opening the form, which will ensure that the form functions properly.


Additional data collection for 2017

Once every 5 years, and in accordance with PEL Standard Condition 8, PEL Holders are required to provide information relating to:

  • the number of animals that were bred for scientific procedures and were killed during the target year but not used in procedures and not included in the annual return of procedures

  • tissue sampling and its refinements for genotyping of animals.

These draft summary tables (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 14KB) show what data each establishment will need to provide by 31 January 2018. Later in the year we will provide the final version of the tables that should be used to return your data. Please read the additional explanatory notes (PDF, 502KB, 5 pages) carefully.

If you have any queries about this data collection please email

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