14th Dec 2017

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

Armed cops set to be called out to ‘routine matters’ in Dundee

Armed police officers could be called out to routine matters such as road traffic and domestic incidents in Dundee within the next few weeks, the tele can reveal. The measure was announced to Dundee City councillors at a private session by Tayside Divisional Commander Paul Anderson, who is said to have described the move as “imminent”.


Criminals ‘actively targeting’ under-resourced police officers

Four police officers a day are being assaulted or injured while arresting suspects, prompting a training review and calls for a wider rollout of tasers. Criminals are now “actively targeting police officers” as the under-resourced force is no longer seen as a deterrent, according to a senior rank-and-file representative. Small teams are being sent into mass brawls and dispatched to deal with people wielding knives and swords armed with nothing more than a baton and pepper spray, it has been claimed. Paul Connelly, Scottish Police Federation lead for health and safety in the west of Scotland, welcomed the “overdue” training pilot but said more needs to be done to protect officers.


Assaults will never stop but much can be done to protect officers

Policing is an increasingly dangerous profession. People generally don’t expect to go to work and be injured whilst performing their duties. Unfortunately the reality for an increasing number of police officers, men and women, is otherwise. The statistics speak for themselves and reflects an upward trend recording injury, sick days, stress and for some officers ongoing losses of confidence to continue on front line duties.


Two stones of kit takes its toll in pursuit of suspects

Paul Connelly, Scottish Police Federation lead for health and safety in the west of Scotland, explains the reasons for the new training pilot.


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Brave cops who saved Drumchapel man ‘a credit to their communities’

Four officers who pulled a violent man armed with a baseball bat from a house fire in Drumchapel – while protecting fire service colleagues – have been awarded for their bravery. Glasgow North West police officers PC Michael Baxter, PC Derek Paton, PC David Robertson and PC Liam Burns are amongst eight personnel recognised for their extraordinary acts at the Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards. The four were called to a property earlier this year, after firefighters reported they were unable to enter the blazing building.


Don’t risk it

Drivers in Dumfries and Galloway are being reminded of the zero tolerance approach to drink driving this Christmas. It comes after seven people were caught locally for drink drive offences between December 2-19 last year – and 388 across Scotland.  This festive season, the message from The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland is that the best approach is no drinking. And their new campaign highlights the consequences of being found guilty of drink driving.


Alcohol Focus Scotland want ‘national’ licensing policy

The Scottish Government has been challenged to set a national licensing policy for alcohol, as part of efforts to cut the availability of drink. Campaigners at Alcohol Focus Scotland said the potential of the licensing system – where boards grant permission for the sale of alcohol – to help tackle the drink problem has “yet to be fully realised”. Figures for 2016-17 showed that across Scotland 16,678 licenses to sell alcohol were in force, up from 16,338 in 2011-2012.


Investigations into complaints against the police soar by a third

The number of investigations of the single force carried out by the police watchdog has soared by more than a third in the last year. New figures also show more than 900 reviews of complaints about the way police handled complaints from the public were also undertaken – up by more than a quarter.


Anti-rape underwear and nail polish put women at more risk of attack, researchers warn

Wearable technologies, including a female condom designed to intimately injure an attacker, lockable underwear and anti-rape nail polish are “farcical” and potentially dangerous according to a study. Academics in Glasgow and Ontario concluded many devices designed to help protect women from rape contribute to a “climate of fear” and could put them at more risk. These and anti-rape smartphone apps also reinforce the idea that women are responsible for preventing sexual attacks, researchers added.


Heroic police pair rescued boy from river

Two police officers who rescued a 15-year-old boy from a river have been given awards for their bravery. The teenager, who had been reported missing, was spotted on the banks of the River Esk by Constables Linzi Anderson and Alan Meikle while they were searching for him in Musselburgh. It was revealed that the officers realised the teenager had tried to harm himself but when they approached him he ran into the water before walking downstream towards the town’s Roman Bridge.


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