Transparency data: Non-tech summaries 2016: projects on animal welfare

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This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2016 with a primary purpose of translational and applied research – animal welfare.

  • validation of welfare indicators for laying hens (animal welfare, chicken, validation)

  • validating humane killing of young ungulates (casualty, slaughter, percussion, CPK200, stun/kill)

  • monitoring of disease and welfare in production animals (farm animal, welfare, disease, production, health)

  • study to improve the electrical stunning of birds (electrical stunning, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens)

  • nociception in fish (animal welfare, behaviour, neurobiology)

  • welfare of poultry under different housing and management practices (poultry, housing, management, stress)

  • pig performance, digestibility and bone strength (performance, minerals, digestibility, bone strength)

  • ornamental fish nutrition and health (fish, nutrition, health)

  • use of systems and genetics data in dairy management (dairy cattle genetics systems)

  • neurophysiological and behavioural determination of effective stunning in fish (fish, slaughter, stun, EEG)

  • effects of housing and management on the welfare of dairy cattle and calves (disease, cold stress, stocking density, negative emotional states)

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