Transparency data: Non-tech summaries 2016: projects on other basic research

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This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2016 with a primary purpose of basic research: multisystemic and other.

  • development of novel PET and SPECT imaging biomarkers (imaging, PET, SPECT, radiotracer, biomarker)

  • applying genetic engineering to the chicken (chicken, genetic engineering, development, health)

  • analysis of plant ion channel and receptors (SNAREs / K+ channels / cell growth / proliferation)

  • phenotyping genetically altered mice (phenotyping, ageing, genetics, high-throughput)

  • spatial and temporal regulation of dna replication (DNA replication, cell proliferation, chromosome, nucleus)

  • functional analysis of vertebrate enhancers (gene regulation, enhancers, conserved sequences, development)

  • advancing methods for rederiving and archiving genetically altered mice (mouse, freezing, sperm, embryos, technology)

  • molecular genomic and phenotypic analysis of environmental adaptations in cyprinid fish (molecular genomic, phenotypic analysis, environmental adaptations, cyprinid fish)

  • the european xenopus resource centre (european, xenopus, resource, centre)

  • early growth and life-long health (development, growth, genetics, epigenetics, metabolism)

  • investigation of the role of nox and reactive oxygen species in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders diseases and their treatment (NADPH oxidase; oxidative stress; cardiovascular diseases; insulin resistance; diabetes)

  • effects of contaminants on fish physiology (fish, metals, contaminants, toxicology, physiology)

  • investigating the (patho)physiological importance of S-acylation (S-acylation, palmitoylation, zDHHC enzymes)

  • improving the pharmacokinetics and tissue targeting of antimicrobials (antimicrobial, melioidosis, burkholderia pseudomallei, francisella tularensis, pharmacokinetics)

  • molecular regulation of mammalian development (genes , oocyte, development)

  • developmental dynamics of tissue formation (developmental biology, spinal cord, central nervous system)

  • role of centrosomes, centrioles and cilia in vertebrate development (centrioles, cilia, vertebrate development)

  • production and maintenance of genetically altered mice (production, geneticall altered, archiving)

  • caveolae and endothelial transcytosis (caveolae, endothelium, blood vessel, endocytosis)

  • deciphering the mechanisms of early embryonic development (vertebrate development, stem cells, xenopus)

  • fungal infection, diagnosis and therapy (fungus, infection, antifungal, therapy, diagnosis)

  • supply of biospecimens from rats and mice (blood, tissues, drug discovery/development)

  • preclinical imaging in biomedical research (PET, imaging, drug)

  • understanding mechanisms of fibrosis (fibrosis, scar, myofibroblasts, therapy, diagnosis)

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