Transparency data: Non-tech summaries 2016: projects on urogenital system

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This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2016 with a primary purpose of basic research: urogenital and reproductive system.

  • amphibian embryos and ooctyes (axolotl, xenopus, embryo, egg)

  • genes and hormones in reproductive health (androgen, testosterone, testis, leydig, male)

  • disorders of sex development (testis, ovary, gonad, embryo, DSD)

  • stability and dynamics of epigenetic information (epigenetics, chromatin, germ line, development, reprogramming)

  • mechanisms of injury in polycystic kidney disease (kidney disease, polycystic kidneys, JAK-STAT)

  • molecular basis of meiotic recombination (recombination, meiosis, PRDM9, fertility, speciation)

  • microparticles and inflammation in chronic kidney disease (cardiovascular, kidney, endothelium, microparticles, phosphate)

  • mechanisms behind early mouse embryo development (cell fate, mouse embryo, development, pluripotency, differentiation)

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