17th Jan 2018

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Top Scots cop Phil Gormley facing sixth complaint over his cond­uct at work, watchdogs confirmed

Top cop Phil Gormley is facing a sixth complaint about his cond­uct at work, watchdogs confirmed. A civilian member of staff is understood to have reported the chief constable — currently on “special leave” amid a bullying probe.



Around 10,000 Scots cops equipped with smartphones boasting powerful array of crime-busting apps

Bobbies on the beat are to be equipped with smartphones boasting a powerful array of crime-busting apps. Police Scotland announced plans for 10,000 mobiles to be dished out to rank and file officers over the next year.  The gadgets will be loaded with special features giving cops remote access to criminal record searches and vulnerable person databases.  Top brass hope the move will cut costs by up to £1billion over a decade and eventually save officers up to 90 minutes a shift by reducing duplicated work.  The Scottish Police Federation’s vice-chairman David Hamilton welcomed the hi-tech plan.

He said: “This type of thing makes the job more efficient.


Police Scotland watchdog slated by acting chief constable in latest force shambles

Scotland’s acting top police officer yesterday accused the force watchdogs of making false claims. In the latest twist in the Police Scotland shambles, Iain Livingstone insisted a reassurance given by the Scottish Police Authority about officer welfare was “not true”.  A draft press release was drawn up to announce Chief Constable Phil Gormley’s return to duty last November. He had been on special leave pending an investigation after bullying claims emerged in September.  On November 7, the SPA board unanimously agreed he could return despite the misconduct probe.


Scotland’s top cop Phil Gormley faces fresh misconduct allegation

A fresh allegation of misconduct has been made against Scotland’s top police officer .  Chief Constable Phil Gormley has been on special leave since September while accusations of gross misconduct against him, which he denies, are investigated.


New bullying allegation against Police Scotland’s Chief Constable Phil Gormley

A fresh allegation of misconduct has been made against Scotland’s top police officer.

Chief Constable Phil Gormley has been on special leave since September while accusations of gross misconduct against him, which he denies, are investigated. Yesterday the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc) received another referral from the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) over alleged misconduct.


Senior officers give backing to embattled police chief

A number of senior police officers have given their backing to Scotland’s chief constable amid continuing uncertainty over his future. Phil Gormley has been on leave since September while allegations of bullying are examined by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc). Past colleagues of the chief constable were among those to write in his defence on Twitter after former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill last week reiterated calls for Mr Gormley to step aside. Simon Bailey, the chief constable of Norfolk Constabulary, said Mr Gormley was an “excellent chief and leader” who had made a “real difference” during his policing career.


Chief Constable Phil Gormley faces fresh misconduct allegation

Phil Gormley has been on leave since September while three investigations into his behaviour are carried out. The latest claim was referred to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner by the Scottish Police Authority on Tuesday.  The commissioner is looking at the new allegation to “determine whether the conduct, if proved, would amount to misconduct, gross misconduct or neither and to establish whether an investigation is required”.


Fourth misconduct referral against Chief Constable Phil Gormley

Scotland’s top police officer is facing a fourth misconduct investigation. The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (Pirc) said it had been asked to assess a new allegation levelled against Chief Constable Phil Gormley. The Pirc is already investigating three allegations of bullying and misconduct against Mr Gormley, who has been on special leave since September. He has strongly denied misconduct, calling complaints vexatious and opportunistic. It is understood five complaints had previously been made about Mr Gormley’s conduct to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), which oversees Police Scotland, three of which were deemed serious enough to be referred to the Pirc, prompting full-blown investigations.


Legal aid crisis deepens in run up to new police duty regime

Fears are growing that the Scottish criminal legal aid system faces collapse at the end of this month with solicitors employed by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) claiming that they are not prepared to deal with an expected influx of calls from police suspects. Under new legislation that will come into force on January 25 anyone brought in for police questioning will be entitled to legal advice, regardless of the severity of the offence or whether they have even been charged.


New police row over ‘untrue’ Chief Constable statement

Police Scotland’s acting Chief Constable has waded into an extraordinary public row with his oversight body, accusing it of producing a false statement about the force. Iain Livingstone said a press release written by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and edited by absentee Chief Constable Phil Gormley gave a reassurance about officer welfare that was categorically “not true”. His comment to Holyrood magazine calls into question the action of SPA communications boss John McCroskie and the due diligence applied by Mr Gormley.



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