NPCC response to the Forensic Science Regulator's annual report

Northern Constabulary Force Helicopter 1998 - by Dave Conner via Flickr

The National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Forensics, Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, said:

“We welcome this year’s report of the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR), and will continue to work closely with Dr. Tully to ensure that all forces are meeting the high standards expected for accreditation.

“As with much of policing, chief constables are being forced to make difficult decisions about how they utilise their limited resources, but we remain completely committed to meeting the requirements of accreditation and further improving confidence in the criminal justice system.

“Forces continue to develop in-house solutions and work with the private sector to deliver the highest possible quality of forensic services, and while some have not yet met the deadline for accreditation I am confident that they are fully committed to doing so.”

“One of the elements of the Transforming Forensics Programme – which has put together a business case on behalf of policing – is to address some of the issues in the FSR’s report, such as driving out efficiencies ‎through new ways of working in order to enhance quality and address gaps in research.”


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