National Statistics: Proven reoffending statistics: January 2016 to March 2016

Ministry of Justice - by Jim Larrison via Flickr

This publication provides key statistics relating to the reoffending of offenders who were released from custody, received a non-custodial conviction at court, or received a caution. Latest figures for the three months January 2016 to March 2016 are provided.

The bulletin is produced and handled by the ministry’s analytical professionals and production staff.

Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons:

Proven Reoffending Statistics Quarterly Bulletin

Ministry of Justice; Secretary of State; Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Prisons Probation, Rehabilitation and Sentencing; Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Victims, Youth and Family Justice; Permanent Secretary; Director General of Prisons, Offender and Youth Justice Policy; Director General of Prisons, Probation and Youth Justice Policy; Director General of Finance; Director of Sentencing and Rehabilitation; Director of Analytical Services; Director of Community Interventions; Policy Lead: Reducing re-offending; and relevant private secretaries (x11), special advisors (x2); analysts; policy officers (x7) and press officers (x3).

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS):

Director General of National Offender Management Service; Head of PPAS; Head of Offender Management and Public Protection Group (OMPPG); Deputy Director, Rehabilitation Services Development and Support; Head of CRC Contract Management Group, Directorate of Contracted Services; Policy Official: Licence recalls

Youth Justice Board (YJB):

YJB Head of Information & Analysis.

Home Office:

Secretary of State, and the relevant private secretary.


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