NPCC responds to ONS crime statistics

Northern Constabulary Force Helicopter 1998 - by Dave Conner via Flickr

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Crime Recording & Statistics, Chief Constable Bill Skelly said:

“Today’s ONS statistics show a decrease of 10 per cent in crime measured by the Crime Survey of England and Wales but an increase of 14 per cent in police recorded crime. 

“Today’s police officers are dealing with more complex crime, more safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people and an unprecedented terror threat, as well as tackling some of the genuine rises in knife and gun crime, robbery, burglary and vehicle-related crime – crimes which turn the trend on many years of reductions.

“Our response involves good proactive policing in communities, developing specialist capabilities for more complex crime and working with government and our other partners to find effective ways of intervening early to prevent crime and harm. We continue to work with the Government and Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure we are investing to meet growing and changing demand.”


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