Tayside Division Reps meet with Divisional Commander

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

The reps met with T/Chief Supt. Murdoch on 25 January 2018.  The discussions included highlighting the staff shortages in the Angus LPA which is resulting in regular backfill from elsewhere in the Division and the knock on effects caused by that.

Since the secondment of staff to Custody Division the amount of staff being used for backfill required on a day to day basis is showing a downward trend.  Meaning that front line officers are being left to their own day jobs more often.

The community shift pattern was discussed.  The proposals are almost ready for consultation, but a bit of further work looking at assurance regarding sergeant cover has meant a delay to the process.  As soon as the business case is finalised and the Equality Impact Assessment is completed it will be distributed for consultation to all of the officers who would be affected by any change.

Issues raised at the divisional constables forum were raised by Marc Lorente and T/Ch. Supt Murdoch has taken the views on board and will have any issues addressed where possible.  This is a new divisional venture, but it is a great opportunity for officers to raise concerns in an informal setting that can then be escalated to the command team for resolution if required.

The state of buildings was brought to the table and Ch. Supt Murdoch was keen that any critical issues should be flagged up to the command team for quick resolution.  This could avoid potentially dangerous problems developing.


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