6th Feb 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

Police investigations and review commissioner to hire more staff

A police watchdog is to recruit more staff after its resources were “stretched to the limit” by investigations into senior officers last year. Kate Frame, the police investigations and review commissioner (PIRC), said that she welcomed an increase in her budget in recognition of the acute demands facing her staff.  The body has about 30 full-time investigators working on 31 investigations, some of which required more than 100 witness statements to be taken. It is looking into five complaints about the behaviour of Phil Gormley, the chief constable of Police Scotland who has been on leave since September while the investigations are completed. He denies the allegations.


Orange Order in legal threat over risk to parades

The Orange Order could launch a legal challenge on human rights grounds if there is a failure to reach an agreement on the holding of marches and parades. The future of a number of public events is currently under threat after Police Scotland obtained legal advice last year confirming its officers lack the power to hold up or divert traffic without a court order. It means local authorities will be required to apply for Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs), with the cost likely to be passed on to the organisers of events such as parades and political demonstrations. In an update provided to the Scottish Police Authority’s policing committee, which discussed the matter yesterday, Assistant Chief Constable Nelson Telfer said work was ongoing to create a “consistent framework” across the country where TTROs are
put in place as a matter of routine.


Police watchdog “stretched to the limit” by surge in senior officer cases

The watchdog who investigates complaints against the police has revealed her organisation was pushed to the brink after a rash of cases involving senior officers added to its workload. Kate Frame, the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc), said her resources were “stretched to the limit” and she feared the situation had become unsustainable.


Dogged detectives: Police in Scotland have revealed their two newest recruits – adorable eight-week-old German Shepherd puppies that have taken twitter by storm

The adorable new recruits of Police Scotland have melted hearts after footage of the eight-week-old German Shepherd puppies emerged on twitter.  Two unnamed pups, simply referred to as ‘double trouble’ for now, had their first visit to the Dog Training Centre in Glasgow on Saturday.  The force shared a behind the scenes clip of the pair getting up to mischief and running around the inside of the training centre.



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