8th Feb 2018

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Phil Gormley resigns as chief constable of Police Scotland

The chief constable of Police Scotland has resigned. Phil Gormley had been on special leave since September following claims of gross misconduct.  Five separate investigations have been launched into alleged misconduct by Gormley by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc).


Police Scotland chief Phil Gormley walks with £60,000 – and misconduct probe dropped

Scotland’s chief constable sensationally quit the national force yesterday – with about £60,000 to help him out the door. Phil Gormley’s departure means the probe into his alleged gross misconduct will be dropped.


Tories call for Michael Matheson to quit after Phil Gormley resigns

Police Scotland’s embattled Chief Constable Phil Gormley has resigned, saying the misconduct investigation into his time in office had taken a “significant toll” on his family.

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc) is currently investigating four complaints against the chief, while another three are being assessed internally. He had been on special leave since last September. In a statement, issued through the Scottish Police Authority, Gormley admitted that it would be difficult for him to return to the job given the fallout from the investigation into the complaints.


Police Scotland is a rudderless ship and needs fixed … but how?

So Phil Gormley has quit. With seven official complaints hanging over his head it was unlikely the former Chief Constable could command respect or cooperation in Police Scotland even if he was finally cleared. Meanwhile, endless gardening leave from a £214k top job has drawn comment and criticism. Last weekend a newspaper contributed a new strand to the row, publishing emails which showed the head of police watchdog Pirc felt civil servants were trying to prevent publication of her report about complaint handling at the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).


Kenny MacAskill: Rather than hanging around like an ‘unwelcome houseguest’, Gormley had to go

Phil Gormley’s resignation brings to an end his short but far from glorious tenure. He has to bear some responsibility for that with the number of personal complaints against him, though it should not detract from an otherwise distinguished career. But, rather than hanging around Police Scotland like an unwelcome house guest, he had to go. More of the blame rests with Andrew Flanagan, the former Chair of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), who appointed him but between the two of them, they sought to instil an authoritarian management culture into a Police Service.


‘Daily mood swings’ leave Cheshire police chief Simon Byrne facing sack

A chief constable is facing gross misconduct proceedings after allegedly exhibiting “daily mood swings” for a fortnight when he failed to get the top job at Greater Manchester police. Simon Byrne, who is head of the Cheshire force, subjected staff to “angry outbursts and aggressive attacks” and told a junior officer to admonish a colleague over her choice of hair clip, according to a list of more than 70 allegations against him. He is also accused of missing a meeting because his son had a bad dream and he wanted to take him to school.


Undercover police are cleared of wrongdoing

A review of undercover policing in Scotland found no evidence that officers operated “outwith the parameters of the authorisation”. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) examined the practice between 2000 and 2016, following on from the Pitchford Inquiry which was set up in England and Wales to investigate allegations of misconduct by undercover officers.



As bully probe top cop Phil Gormley resigns, let’s hop Police Scotland flaws can be ironed out – for all our sakes

It would be nice to think that, with the departure of Chief Constable Gormley, a line could be drawn under recent events at Police Scotland. But it’s not as simple as that. Police Scotland is soon to have its third chief constable and the Scottish Police Authority is already on its third chair.



Bully probe top cop Phil Gormley resigns with £60,000 pay deal PLUS holiday leave as allegations take toll on family

Fed-up Phil Gormley took a swipe at the circus surrounding his ‘special leave’ as he quit his £214,000-a-year post for the sake of his family. The chief constable, 54, resigned with immediate effect today, saying the furore over the probe into a string of misconduct allegations had taken its toll on him and loved ones.



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