14th Feb 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr
Chris Marshall: Police Scotland needs to act to prevent Gormleygate 2

Change the rules to prevent a repeat of Police Scotland’s Gormleygate, writes Chris Marshall. After eight months of fevered speculation about his future, enough was finally enough for Scotland’s most senior police officer. In a short statement issued last week, Phil Gormley brought to an ignominious end his troubled tenure in charge of the national police force. His decision to resign with immediate effect also signalled the premature conclusion of five separate investigations into allegations of gross misconduct any of which, if proved, could have led to his dismissal. For the best part of a year, Police Scotland’s officers have continued the important work of disrupting organised crime, finding missing persons and generally keeping people safe, all as the soap opera involving the top brass has played out in the media.


Crackdown on antisocial behaviour in North Lanarkshire sees residents evicted

RESIDENTS in North Lanarkshire face eviction as part of a crackdown on antisocial behaviour. Since April last year, the local authority have issued 17 Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) against residents who persistently misbehaved. More than 70 per cent of orders granted by the court have not been breached by residents but for a small minority, eviction was the only answer. A 46-year-old man from Motherwell, was issued with an ASBO to stop him shouting, swearing, threatening and using sectarian language in and around his home.


Drones will not replace on-duty police officers, claims MP

A conservative MP has insisted that commercial drones will not replace patrolling police officers in the UK, despite more forces investing in unmanned technology. During a parliamentary debate surrounding police funding, South Dorset MP Richard Drax argued that a physical police presence is required within the UK. The MP said that, while UAVs are, and will continue to, provide vital support to policing authorities, they will not substitute the need for officers on the streets.


Fears for safety as lack of snow tyres on 999 vehicles is revealed

ONLY a handful of 999 vehicles across Scotland are fitted with winter tyres, fuelling fears of “a huge, unnecessary risk” to their crews and the public. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that of the 3340-strong police fleet, only 158 have them routinely fitted while 145 have “all year round” tyres. The fire service “does not fit any winter tyres to any vehicles whether car, van or truck” as it believes such a policy would “contravene the manufacturers’ specifications for load speed index on such vehicles”.


When should social workers involve the police in domestic abuse cases?

Social workers in every area of practice may come across domestic abuse, whether they work in child protection or with older people. Working effectively with the police is a vital part of the social work role in domestic abuse cases. In a new article for Community Care Inform Children and Inform Adults, former Scotland Yard detective Maria Gray provides expert guidance on safeguarding, when to involve the police and building evidence. Community Care Inform subscribers can read the in-depth guide on Inform Adults and Inform Children.


Officer to undergo training after unintentionally shooting inside police station

An officer who accidentally discharged his firearm in a police station has been removed from his firearms unit. The incident occurred in the armoury area of Fettes police station in Edinburgh. A review by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) found there was no damage and no risk to anyone. On January 28, the officer unintentionally discharged his Heckler and Koch G35 rifle as it was being unloaded. The PIRC said the officer correctly pointed the gun into a weapon clearing tube to ensure that no risk would occur if the weapon was to be fired unintentionally.



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