15th Feb 2018

Stop and search is our best weapon in the fight against crime

According to the latest recorded crime figures in England and Wales, there has been a steep rise in violence. Knife offences are up by 21 per cent in the year to September 2017; in London alone the increase is 30.2 per cent — that’s 13,715 incidents. How should police deal with this disturbing trend? One view is that they need to target likely offenders, especially through an increase in the use of stop and search. However, this has been resisted by human-rights and anti-racism campaigners, who regard the use of such powers as heavy-handed and intrusive. Tottenham MP David Lammy has been particularly vocal, calling stop and search ‘inherently unfair’ because it is used disproportionately to target BME people.


House returns to the Met Police

Sir Stephen House has been hired by London police to sort out a major row over the disclosure of evidence in rape cases. The former Scottish chief constable has come out of retirement to help the Metropolitan Police shore up procedures amid concern over the safety of hundreds of English sexual assault convictions. Sir Stephen will take up a post of assistant chief constable at Scotland Yard next month. His appointment comes after the collapse of the rape trial of a 22-year-old student called Liam Allan when it emerged messages that cast doubt on the claims against him had not been provided to his lawyers.


Gay Police Association changes its name to Scottish LGBTI Police Association

The GPA (Gay Police Association) has changed its name to a more inclusive Scottish LGBTI Police Association. The changes include changing the official Facebook URL and name. Along with the name change, the old GPA logo will disappear and will be replaced with a new logo.  The change has come to mark LGBT History Month. Every February it is LGBT History Month in the UK.


Police Scotland chief who quit after M9 scandal lands top job with Met Police in London

The former chief constable of Police Scotland has been given a top role with the force – three years after resigning in shame.  Sir Stephen House quit his role in 2015 after the M9 crash scandal – but has landed a lucrative job as assistant commissioner of the Met in London.  Commissioner Cressida Dick has brought him out of retirement to deal with an outcry over disclosure of evidence at Scotland Yard.  House, who served as assistant commissioner with the Met in the early 2000s before taking over as head of Strathclyde Police, will looks at hundreds of cases that could be affected by the issue.


How to tell if a paedophile has access to your child – and what you can do to keep them safe

People who are concerned that someone who has access to their child may be a paedophile can check with police whether they have a history of child sex offences. Community disclosure rules in Scotland are a way for parents, carers or guardians to raise their concerns and ensure they will be dealt with.  The Scottish Government website says: “There’s a common myth that most sex offences are carried out by strangers. The reality is very different. “The vast majority of sex offenders are known to the victim and often they are an acquaintance or family member.


Scandal-hit police chief lands top job after £500k payout

Sir Stephen House has landed a top Scotland Yard job almost three years after he retired from policing with a £500,000 lumps sum pension payout. The 60 year old – who was forced to step down as head of Police Scotland after a string of scandals – was yesterday appointed an Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police on around £190,000 a year.


Awareness campaign launched by Police Scotland to drive home message that sex without consent is rape

An awareness campaign has been launched by Police Scotland to drive home the message that sex without consent is rape.  The “We can stop it” campaign is targeted at men between 18 and 35 and focuses on rape as non-consensual sex within a relationship or with someone who is asleep.  One fifth of rapes involve attacks against victims who are sleeping or can’t give their consent because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Assistant Chief Constable Gillian MacDonald said: “In 2018 in Scotland, sadly there are men who think it is OK to have sex with someone who is sleeping or suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs.



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