Detailed guide: UK asylum, migration and integration fund 2014 to 2020

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Detailed guide: UK asylum, migration and integration fund 2014 to 2020



The asylum migration and integration fund is a European Union fund designed to help member states manage migration – by implementing, strengthening and developing a common EU approach to asylum and migration.

The AMIF UK Responsible Authority administers AMIF policy in the UK.

UK national programme

The UK national programme (approved in March 2015), sets out the UK government’s priorities for how AMIF funding will be used.

These priorities include:

  • maintaining and widening the voluntary and sustainable removal initiatives used by the UK
  • protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees by resettling them in the UK
  • building the capacity of UK asylum systems and procedures – to continue to demonstrate best practice
  • supporting initiatives to enhance the integration process for third-country nationals and beneficiaries of international protection, including resettled persons

The AMIF UK Responsible Authority has worked with a range of organisations to award funding against the objectives set out in the national programme.

Apply for funding under the integration objective

The AMIF UK Responsible Authority is inviting proposals for projects to be supported through the fund. These projects may last up to 3 years, coming to an end by 31 December 2022.

AMIF grants if there’s no Brexit deal

If your organisation has successfully bid directly to the European Commission for AMIF funding on a competitive basis while the UK is still in the EU, find out what you should do.

If the UK leaves the EU and the EU Budget without a deal, UK organisations would no longer receive future funding for projects under EU Programmes. The Chancellor announced in August and October 2016 that the Government would guarantee funding for EU projects agreed before we leave the EU subject to certain criteria being met.

Read more on the funding guarantee.

What this means for AMIF funding

Only projects who have secured their funding directly from the European Commission will benefit from the guarantee and we are now taking the steps necessary to make sure we can administer it to affected projects from exit day and ensure an uninterrupted flow of funding.

For you to be eligible to continue receiving funds and support, you need to send the AMIF UK Responsible Authority (UKRA) a copy of the grant agreement and any papers relevant to the funding you receive directly from the Commission. You should also give details of your payment schedule and amounts due. You should have sent these details no later than 27 March 2019, to the address above or by email to

If the guarantee is required, it will be administered by the UK government, payments to projects where the lead organisation is legally registered in England. The Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland devolved administrations may take on responsibility for projects where the lead partner is legally registered within those countries respectively.

Once we have received your grant agreement, a member of the UKRA will be in contact to discuss any further action. Please note we cannot proceed any further without this information.

If you have any questions, including to confirm whether you are eligible under the guarantee, please contact

Make an application

Organisations wishing to submit an application must email, to express their interest.

Interested organisations will be sent further information on how to apply when the call opens on 9 January 2019. All documents on this page are to be used as examples only and are subject to change. Finalised versions of supporting documents can be accessed through the Government Crown Commercial portal (Emptoris) after 9 January 2019.

You will need to complete and submit the budget estimate toolkit alongside your application.

Organisations must be able to demonstrate that they are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, to be eligible for funding.

AMIF application workshops

The AMIF UK Responsible Authority will run a series of workshops to help organisations understand what makes a good application. These workshops will start at 11:00 am and last approximately 2 hours. A buffet lunch will be provided, during which prospective bidders will have the opportunity to meet each other and the funding team.

The workshops won’t provide advice to specific organisations or projects. All questions and answers from the workshops will be recorded on Emptoris (the application portal), to ensure that all applicants have access to the same information.

You should read the Emptoris supplier guidance, before using the application portal.

Workshops will be held across the country as listed below. The AMIF UK Responsible Authority reserve the right to add to or cancel these events, subject to demand.

20 spaces will be available at each workshop. Workshop spaces are restricted to one per prospective bidding organisation.

Workshop dates:

  • Thursday 24 Jan 2019 – Manchester
  • Wednesday 30 Jan 2019 – Birmingham
  • Thursday 31 Jan 2019 – Liverpool
  • Wednesday 06 Feb 2019 – Newcastle
  • Thursday 07 Feb 2019 – Leeds
  • Thursday 21 Feb 2019 – Glasgow
  • Thursday 07 Mar 2019 – London
  • Thursday 04 Apr 2019 – Bristol

To book a space at a workshop, email

In your email you should provide the:

  • organisation’s name
  • organisation’s email
  • name of the person attending the workshop
  • date of the workshop you wish to attend

Manage a project if funding is secured

If your application for AMIF funding is successful, your project’s performance and financial spending will be regularly monitored by the AMIF UK Responsible Authority. You can see an example of the project performance and delivery report.

You will also be required to collect data for an evaluation exercise, which will happen at the end of the programme. Collection of this evaluation data is a condition of the funding.

For more information on previous AMIF projects and their funding see the Interim Evaluation Report and Fund activities report.

Privacy notice

For information about how the AMIF UK Responsible Authority will use your data please read the AMIF privacy information notice.

By email:

AMIF UK Responsible Authority
7th Floor
Southern House
Wellesley Grove
Croydon, CR0 1XG


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