Making Constabulary free for every officer, forever

Making Constabulary free for every officer, forever

The internet is built on providing information for free. Over time this has eroded traditional media business models where the reader pays through subscription or the advertiser pays for access to the readership. Or a combination of both. We’re going to be a little different.

The advertising model means the advertiser who pays the most get access even if their product isn’t the best fit, and can lead to editorial compromise. The subscription model means you have to pay for information that could be obtained elsewhere if you had the time to gather it.

We don’t want to operate a subscription paywall or present any old advertiser, if we don’t believe they have the best interests of the police at heart, so we’re working on a new model that will make us financially viable. We’re slowly working through a very long list of best-of-breed organisations that provide high quality products or services.

Best-of-breed can mean the best price, the highest quality, the most impartial or the most relevant. It could be all of the above but it will be at least one of those features. Each of our partners pays us a small fee every time you buy something through them. The average fee is around £9, although it can be pennies or more. 1% of our readership buying one item per month means we can fund our web servers. 3% means we can pay our Editor. If half of our readership bought something in a single month we’d be funded for a year.

Hoseasons offers some incredible holiday cottages, lodges, boats, city breaks and holiday parks across the UK. If you fancy a short break then why not book with them and they’ll pay us a small referral fee to keep us free for every officer, for ever.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing these partners, the people behind them and why we believe they’re a good fit for the police. If there’s a company that you use regularly that we’re missing then let us know and we’ll reach out to them to see if we can strike a deal for you and Constabulary.

In addition, we’re going to be venturing into the world of crowdfunding so you can work with us to create exactly the police magazine you want. We’ve used it before with another title and it proved so popular and successful, we want to do it again.

Help us to help you by using our partners and register for our newsletter to keep up today with our launch here .