10th May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

10th May 2019

Police Scotland to roll out phone hacking gadgets ‘towards end of summer’

Police are aiming to roll-out controversial machines that allow them to hack into people’s phones “towards the end of summer”. Officers told MSPs they now had “legal clarity” over the gadgets, which have sparked widespread concerns around privacy and data protection.


Teachers and police officers not given national exemption for SNP-Green workplace parking tax

Teachers and police officers will not have a national exemption from a controversial workplace parking tax agreed by the SNP and Greens, under plans lodged in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Greens tabled amendments to a Transport Bill, agreed with the Scottish Government, that will allow councils to introduce the new levy. They included a “national exemption” for hospitals and NHS properties and, following complaints from doctors and charities, specified this should include GP practices and hospices.


Ministers defend use of armed officers in 5,000 routine incidents last year

The use of armed officers in more than 5,000 routine incidents last year has been defended by ministers. Community Safety Minister Ash Denham said that allowing armed officers to attend routine calls was “sensible use of police time”. Police attended 5,250 incidents that did not need a firearms response, a BBC Scotland investigation found, following a policy change that permitted them to do so. Officers were carrying handguns and Tasers and also had access to other weapons including semi-automatic G36 carbine rifles. Armed officers also helped find more than 3,500 missing people since their remit was extended in May last year. They have also provided medical assistance in over 600 incidents.


Drivers to get £100 fine and 3 points for passing ‘too close’ to cyclists

The highway code has always said drivers should give cyclists “plenty of room” when passing – that’s now been quantified. More, undercover policemen on bikes are on the roads, looking to fine drivers £100 and hand out 3 points to anyone passing within 1.5m.



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