11th June 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

11th June 2019

Scotland policing chaos as another senior officer quits after just six months

Scotland’s policing is embroiled in more chaos after another senior figure quit their post. Hugh Grover, chief executive of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), has left his role just six months after being appointed. The problems for the SPA almost mirror that of Police Scotland, which it is responsible for overseeing. The unified national force has been dogged by controversy and has seen a number of senior officers and two chief Constables leave under a cloud. It’s not clear when Grover stepped away from his post but he did not attend the last SPA board meeting in May and no explanation was given for his absence.


Rise in house break-ins reported

The number of house break-ins reported in Midlothian last year rose by a staggering 73 per cent, but police said increased home security saw fewer thieves getting in. A report on crimes across the county revealed that domestic housebreaking incidents had risen from 84 reported in 2017/18 to 145 last year. However, it said the percentage of reports in which thieves managed to gain access to homes had fallen from 78 per cent to 59 per cent. The police said overall housebreaking offences, which cover businesses and non-residential buildings, was down 24 per cent despite the sharp rise in attempts on people’s homes. A report to Midlothian Police and Fire and Rescue Board said: “Education around crime prevention and securing property appears to be improving with 41 per cent of all domestic housebreakings being attempts and 50 per cent being successful.


28 Aberdeen motorists spoken to during undercover cycle safety operation

Nearly 30 drivers have been spoken to by Aberdeen police during an undercover cycle safety operation. Officers spoke to 28 people to educate them on how to pass a cyclist safely during an operation on Riverside Drive today. They were also shown a visual representation of the passing distance required when overtaking a cyclist. Operation Close Pass involved plain clothes officers cycling in the Duthie Park area while fitted with cameras. Sergeant Peter Henderson said: “Road safety is an absolute priority for Police Scotland and as we approach summer it is likely there will be an increase in vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.


Falkirk Police Station to close temporarily for ‘vital maintenance work’

Falkirk Police Station is to close overnight tomorrow for “vital maintenance work”, the force has confirmed. The temporary closure, from 8pm on Tuesday to 6am on Wednesday, will not affect frontline policing, however, as alternative measures will be in place. Work is being carried out on the station’s generator, in line with a Police Scotland policy. Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong, Local Area Commander for Falkirk, said: “Between 8pm on Tuesday, June 11 and 6am on Wednesday, June 12, vital maintenance work is being carried out within Falkirk Police Station, which will see the facility closed completely during this time.


How you could be fined £2,500 and lose your licence for drink driving without actually being over the limit

While you might think you’re safe to drive after just a few drinks, you don’t actually have to be over the legal drink driving limit to break the law. Police can still hit you with a hefty penalty if they think you’re in an unfit state to be behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, regardless of your breathalyser reading.



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