12th August 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

12th August 2019

Boris Johnson vows to stop soft punishments for rapists and murderers as he orders sentencing review for dangerous offenders

Boris Johnson has launched a review of sentences given to the most serious offenders as part of a wider promised crackdown on crime. The prime minister, who has pledged to make law and order a priority, said the review would look at whether the sentences being served by violent and sexual offenders reflected the severity of their crimes.


Sharp rise in cases of ‘revenge porn’

“Revenge porn” crimes reported to Scottish police rose sharply over the past year with a detection rate of less than 50%, prompting fears more young girls could be driven to commit suicide. New figures reveal that nearly 600 allegations were recorded by police in 2018/2019 of a crime that involves the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos of individuals without permission. Photos and videos are often used for revenge against a partner after a break-up. Revenge porn is officially classified by police as threatening to disclose, or disclosure, of intimate images.


‘Wild man’ battered cop 30 times on head bawling ‘I’m going to f***ing kill you’

A brave police officer was left unable to hold her baby daughter after a violent thug battered her around the head up to 30 times. PC Alison Laughlan had been responding to a street brawl in Maple Drive, Johnstone when Adam McManus launched the assault.
As the officer attempted to arrest the 26-year-old, who had already assaulted two of his neighbours in front of a child, he broke free and unleashed a vicious attack on her and her colleagues. She was beaten around the head multiple times by the construction worker, who had a handcuff attached to one wrist.


Thieves steal handcuffs and keys to vehicles from Tayside Police

A freedom of information request by the Tele has revealed that since 2016, more than 20 items belonging to the police’s D-Division have either been reported lost or stolen from stations around the Tayside area. Among the items pinched were keys to handcuffs and police vehicles, official force documents, as well as security fobs. The figures provided show that in July 2017, a set of keys belonging to a police vehicle were stolen from Ryehill Police Station in the city. Earlier that year, the Dundee headquarters in Bell Street was also targeted, when a set of handcuff keys and a security fob were stolen from the station.
And in March of this year, official paperwork was reported stolen from a station in Dundee. It is not known what the document related to, or whether it contained sensitive information. All of the items reported stolen have since been recovered.


Scots scientists develop eye test that can tells police when someone is lying

An eye test that can tell police if someone is lying has been developed by Scottish scientists. The technology tracks the movement of suspects’ eyeballs when asked to identify a picture of an associate on a screen. Experiments showed even seasoned liars couldn’t hide their reactions when shown a picture of a familiar face. It could help police crack terrorist cells, according to research published in the journal ¬Cognitive Research: Principles and ¬Implications.



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