12th February 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

12th February 2019

A CONSULTATION on Scottish hate crime legislation is taking place at the moment. It is based on Lord Bracadale’s recommendations, following his review of the existing laws in Scotland. It is open to everyone and allows the public to give their opinions to the Scottish Government. Rather than answer the rather narrow questions being raised by Lord Bracadale however, I have written a submission that questions the legitimacy of hate crime legislation in its totality. Paul Coleman, in his book Censored: How European “Hate Speech” Laws are Threatening Freedom of Speech, traces the origins of hate-related laws and finds that it was Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union that first proposed the use of state power to arrest people for expressing opinions that were seen as politically unacceptable. At the time, in UN discussions, Western nations opposed this position as illiberal and authoritarian.


POLICE Scotland will be targeting speeding motorists, those on their phone and those not wearing seatbelt as part of a campaign that starts today. The week-long campaign runs from Monday, February 11, until Sunday, February 17, and will be run by the Road Policing Division, with support from safety camera units, which will deploy mobile camera units across the country. Officers will be looking out for speeding motorists, and for drivers using mobile devices, and a particular emphasis will be on those drivers and passengers not wearing a seatbelt.


LOSING access to European security arrangements post-Brexit will only benefit criminals, Scotland’s Justice Secretary has said. Humza Yousaf said that regardless of what preparations are made for a no-deal outcome, nothing will prove as effective in bringing people to justice than current arrangements as a member of the EU. His comments came after Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin said criminals could potentially exploit the UK no longer being a part of measures such as the European Arrest Warrant.



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