12th July 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

12th July 2019

Officers urge Tasers for all police on front line

Frontline police officers should be issued with Tasers and body-worn cameras, according to a Home Office review based on the views of officers and staff. The recommendation comes as more officers are having to work alone after reductions in team sizes and changes to the way police operate. Officers expressed concern for their safety because they felt vulnerable as back-up was not available quickly and in some cases not at all. “Views were expressed that more, or all, officers should be issued with Tasers, especially when single crewing. A similar point was about issuing body-worn video more widely. Some officers felt that incapacitant spray is ineffective,” the frontline review report said.



Possession of drugs is “virtually decriminalised” in Scotland with the vast majority of cases dismissed by prosecutors, official figures show. One in 30 recorded drug offences results in a jail sentence, with criminals more likely to get a verbal warning. The SNP has demanded devolved powers to reform drug laws in the hope of reversing the mounting death toll from drugs, which is thought to have reached 1,200 last year. It has considered copying Portugal, where drug use was decriminalised in 2001.



Police union warns officer safety could be at risk if SNP workplace parking tax forces them to ditch cars

POLICE safety could be put at risk if they are forced to ditched their cars due to Nats’ workplace parking tax, police leaders warn. Rank-and-file chiefs fear bobbies would be vulnerable to attacks on public transport by crooks they’ve nicked. And they believe a “specific terror threat” to officers would be worsened if they stopped driving to work to avoid being stung for more tax. Critics claim the Workplace Parking Levy could cost staff £400 a year. Scottish Police Federation chief Calum Steele raised the issues in a letter to Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf.


Almost 450 assaults have been made against police officers and staff in the north-east since 2013, new figures have revealed. The statistics, which were released under Freedom of Information, reveal there were 349 assaults in Aberdeen division and 99 across Aberdeenshire and Moray, between June 2013 and 2018-19.



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