13th June 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

13th June 2019

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf accused of ‘promoting release of domestic abusers’ with curb on jail terms under a year

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has been accused of “promoting the release of domestic abusers” with his curb on jail terms under a year. Umbrella body Scottish Women’s Aid launched the criticism after Mr Yousaf refused to exempt domestic abuse crimes from the new “presumption” against short sentences.


Call for urgent investment in Forth Valley police stations

Urgent investment is needed in police stations across the Forth Valley to make them fit for purpose, according to the Scottish Police Federation. The SPF, which represents rank-and-file officers, published pictures of police stations around the country showing mouldy walls, broken toilets, leaking pipes and electric wiring held together with tape.


Glasgow drug culture being tackled by police

Around 40 per cent of the fake Valium tablets found across Scotland at the beginning of 2019 were recovered in the South West of Glasgow. Police have revealed they obtained more than 230,000 Etizolam tablets in Scotland in the first three months of 2019. A report submitted to Glasgow City Council explains that a single vehicle stop and search in the Pollok area in February, resulted in the recovery of 100,000 tablets and the arrest of two men linked to the operation. In Glasgow alone, over 100 kilograms of herbal cannabis, worth more than £1 million, has been recovered, several large cultivations have been disrupted and arrests have been made.


Cycleogical Bike Ride Press Release

In 2019, The Police Treatment Centres will be expanding and extending its Psychological Wellbeing Programme. A state of the art extension will be built at St Andrews, Harrogate to accommodate more officers onto the already successful programme. To support this project, The Police Treatment Centres have asked its 23 constituent forces to take part in its most ambitious fundraising challenge to date! On 22nd June 2019, 22 riders will take part in the inaugural Cycleogical Bike Ride: Going the Distance for the PTC. The peloton are made up of 22 police officers across 17 of our constituent forces. Chief Inspector Richard Close from West Yorkshire Police is due to take part.


Leading crime expert urges MSPs to ensure sex and gender are not conflated in Census

One of Scotland’s leading statisticians and criminologists has written to MSPs supporting the retention of a binary biological sex question in the next population census. Professor Susan McVie, chair of quantitative criminology at Edinburgh University’s School of Law and a member of the Scottish Government’s Board of Official Statistics in Scotland, has made an eleventh hour submission to the Holyrood committee dealing with the Census Bill, asking that the sex question be rooted in biological and legal sex.


UK ministers under fire over drug room ‘cop out’

An internationally renowned addiction expert has said there is “no downside whatsoever” to opening a drug consumption room in Glasgow. Dr Gabor Maté, a retired physician who worked in a similar facility in Vancouver, said blocking the facility was “pure political opportunism”. Drug consumption rooms allow users to inject in safe and sterile surroundings. The opening of such a facility in Glasgow has the backing of the health board and the Scottish Government, but the issue of drug control is reserved to Westminster. Last year the UK government refused a request from Glasgow City Council amid legal concerns.



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