13th May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

13th May 2019

Campaigners call for fireworks ban as 16,000 respond to Scottish Government consultation

Campaigners are calling for a ban on fireworks across Scotland after 16,000 people responded to a Scottish Government consultation on the topic. Thee consultation, which closes today, calls for views on whether fireworks should be further regulated, while still allowing people to enjoy them at celebrations such as New Year and Bonfire night and religious festivals such as Diwali.


Pupil budgets being spent on campus cops, report shows

Cash-Strapped councils are using education budgets to help pay for campus cops, a new report has revealed. In three local authorities in Scotland, cash earmarked for closing the attainment gap between children in poorer and wealthier areas has been used to fund police officers in schools. Pupil Equity Funding (PEF) is being provided as part of the £750 million Attainment Scotland Fund which will be invested over the current parliamentary term. Critics today hit out at what they believe has been ungenerous financial settlements for local authorities, which fund schools.


Domestic abuse crackdown sees over 100 claims made in first month

New powers given to police to crack down on domestic abuse have led to more than 100 alleged incidents being reported in the first month. Ministers made psychological cruelty and coercive behaviour a crime in a bill described as “groundbreaking” by the country’s top prosecutor of the offence. The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 was introduced on April 1. Gordon McCreadie, detective superintendent of Police Scotland’s domestic abuse unit, said: “Police have recorded over 100 crimes under the new offence. I’m delighted with the introduction and production of the new Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act. “It really does mark a new era in how we tackle domestic abuse in Scotland.” Prosecutors at the country’s busiest sheriff court in Glasgow have used the legislation against 11 alleged abusers.


One third of councils are paying for police officers in schools

A row has broken out after it emerged that nearly one third of councils are using education budgets to help pay for police officers in schools. In three local authorities, cash earmarked for closing the attainment gap between children in poorer and wealthier areas, has been used to fund “campus” officers.


Police Scotland deal with over 700 drone alerts in last year but only a fraction reported as crimes

Cops dealt with more than 700 drone incidents in the last year — but only a fraction were reported as crimes. Police Scotland started recording incidents involving the flying gadgets last April.


UNFORGIVABLE: Furious police officers hit out at SNP Government over parking ‘poll tax’

Police officers have launched a scathing attack on SNP ministers’ ¬“unforgivable” failure to exempt them from the new car park tax. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) last night warned that services could be cut after learning officers will not get special protection from the workplace parking levy. Calum Steele, the body’s general secretary, accused Nationalist and Green MSPs of being “blasé” about the safety of officers.


Tax on parking at work ‘leaves police officers at risk from terrorists’

Police officers face the choice of a pay cut or a dangerous journey to work on public transport under proposals to tax parking spaces, according to the body that represents rank and file officers. Proposals giving councils the power to charge for parking at work were published this week. Health staff at hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries have exemptions, but police, teachers and social workers may be forced to pay. Terrorism experts say the present threat to police officers is “severe” and have advised officers to vary their routes to work and avoid going out in public in their uniform when off duty.



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