14th January 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

14th January 2019

Number of Scottish police cars in collisions rises over four-year period

New figures have revealed that in 2017, there were 43 collisions involving such vehicles, compared to just 13 in 2014. And between January and the start of November last year, a total of 40 crashes were recorded. Incidents involving Scottish police vehicles in all collisions has also drastically increased over the period, from 806 in 2014, to 1,385 in 2017 – with 1,147 between January and November in 2018. The recorded crashes included an officer’s car colliding with another car on Cornhill Terrace in Aberdeen in 2017, while chasing a missing prisoner who was on the run.


Cop car chase crashes triple in four years ‘worrying’ figures reveal

The number of crashes involving police cars chasing suspects has more than tripled in four years. New figures show there were 43 smashes involving pursuits in 2017 compared to just 13 in 2014. Road safety campaigners blamed a lack of police resources on the dramatic increase in accidents. The AA described the figures as “worrying”.


Chinese in Scotland ‘one of most racially abused groups’

Scotland needs to do more to tackle racism against the growing numbers of Chinese people living and visiting Britain, the author of new book on the Chinese has said. Barclay Price, whose book The Chinese in Britain – A History Of Visitors and Settlers is launched on Tuesday – was speaking ahead of the Chinese New Year next month and Edinburgh’s first festival to promote the city as one of Europe’s premiere “China-friendly” destinations.



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