15th May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

15th May 2019

Allegations of misconduct against senior police officers before 2018-19 were dismissed as irrelevant and only a fraction were referred to the complaints watchdog, figures reveal. Senior officers had previously faced 363 allegations since 2013, when Police Scotland came into being, but just 39 were deemed “relevant” by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA). The vast majority of “relevant” cases over the period emerged after the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc), the complaints watchdog, reprimanded the SPA in December 2017 for dismissing allegations without providing evidence of a thorough inquiry.


Normally when a police update goes viral on social media, it’s because someone’s committed a crime. However, this time the only crime that’s been committed is being far too cute – and a puppy is the culprit. Edinburgh Police North West shared a photo of the force’s newest recruit on their Twitter account today (May 14), and it was an immediate hit. Trainee Police Dog Parky was pictured visiting Drylaw station, and the German Shepherd pup’s cute head tilt and inside-out ear caused a stir online. Edinburgh Police North West said: “Trainee Police Dog Parky loves a visit to Drylaw Police Station and we love having him! He clearly has aspirations….here he is making himself at home in the Chief Inspector’s office. Enjoy the training TPD Parky!”


FRESH demands for a public inquiry into police surveillance in Scotland have emerged, with a report that alleges undercover police officers made several trips to Scotland in order to “cement relationships” with female activists who had been “targeted” by the spycops. The spycops scandal was exposed in 2011, when it was revealed that a number of officers had been involved in long-term sexual relationships with activists while working under-cover.  An inquiry was established by the Homes Secretary in 2015 and was supposed to publish its findings in 2018 but is yet to do so. The Scottish Government has resisted calls for a similar inquiry in Scotland, despite the Home Offie inquiry being limited to England.



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