17th May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

17th May 2019

Smacking ban is backed by Holyrood committee despite concerns it will criminalise good parents

Highland MSP John Finnie’s bid to outlaw smacking has been backed by an influential Holyrood committee despite concerns it would criminalise loving parents. A majority of the seven MSPs on the Equalities Committee supported the proposal. But Tories Oliver Mundell and Annie Wells were unable to back the ban, describing the proposals as “virtue signalling”. The Tories said they were “unconvinced” that parental smacking constituted the “level of sinister and serious violence” the criminal law should be addressing. Mr Mundell and Ms Wells added that “few” people in Scotland would equate it with the existing common law crime of assault”.


Do you have what it takes to join Edinburgh’s own police academy?

Chest heaving and legs jellied, I stagger around the sports hall feeling suitably smug, that wasn’t so tough. “Right, that’s the warm up done,” beams cheery course lead Sarah Lynch. Eh? I’m at Edinburgh College’s Sighthill campus to preview the physical entry test for a new HNC police studies course ahead of an open day tomorrow. Aimed at readying students for the rigours of a career in the force, I’m minded of my most recent workplace workout – trying, and failing, to manhandle a stricken Kinder Bueno from the vending machine. Those turning up tomorrow will be similarly put through their paces and get a valuable insight into the course. The college is only the second in Scotland to offer such an opportunity to senior high school students. Tomorrow’s selection day is based on the Police Scotland recruitment processes to identify which applicants have a possible future in the force. Aside from the fitness test, attendees will take on standard entry language testing, a competency-based written task and equality and diversity decision making.



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