Transparency data: Home Office: structure and salaries, 2017

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These documents explain the Home Office structure and pay scales as at 31 March 2017. This information is updated every 6 months. Please note that HMPO ceased to be an Executive Agency and was brought into the Home Office from 1 October 2014. It is now included as part of the Home Office return.

This information focuses on posts rather than people. The following posts are included:

  • those occupied by permanent staff
  • those occupied by fixed term appointees
  • all posts occupied by a member of staff loaned or seconded into the department (regardless of funding arrangement)
  • all staff on loan or secondment out of the department for which the department is incurring a cost
  • all staff who are being paid but are not in a substantive post
  • vacant posts

The following posts are excluded:

  • exclusions on security grounds

See the Home Office organogram on the Cabinet Office website.

Explanatory notes

  1. This publication is based on information taken on 31 March 2017. Like all organisations, staff changes occur on a frequent basis, which makes complete accuracy at this level of detail a difficult task.
  2. The minimum of the national pay scale and the maximum of the London pay scale is shown for all junior grades.
  3. Team salary costs are rounded to the nearest £10,000.


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