Response to Salisbury major incident

Police on Parade 2007 - by Chris Eason via Flickr

08 March 2018

On Sunday 4 March 2018 police officers attended an incident in Salisbury, Wiltshire where two people later identified as Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench. Subsequently an officer, who was one of the first responders, was also taken ill. It is now believed that all three were exposed to some type of nerve agent.

In response, a Police Federation for England and Wales spokesperson said: “Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by this shocking incident, but our focus is the Wiltshire Police officers involved – one of whom remains in hospital.

“The latest update we have is that they are in a serious but stable condition and is conscious, talking and engaging.

“Regular contact is being made with the officer’s family and support is being provided by our federation representatives, the family liaison officers from Wiltshire police and by the Chief Constable Keir Pritchard who is meeting with the family later today.

“We will continue to provide this support for as long as necessary.

“Officers answered an emergency call and ran towards the unknown as they do day in day out.

“They provided immediate assistance and ensured that Mr Skirpal and his daughter received the urgent medical help they required.

“In dealing with this incident officers unknowingly exposed themselves to what has been confirmed as some form of nerve agent.

“They bravely put themselves in harm’s way and in doing so prevented members of the public from being exposed to danger.

“As well as the officer in hospital we are also offering support and assistance to their colleagues who dealt with this incident, as well as the wider Wiltshire Police family.

“We are unable to comment on the investigation or any operational policing issues in relation to this matter.

“All enquiries of that type should be directed to the Counter Terrorism Policing network via the Metropolitan Police which is leading the investigation.”


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