News story: Home Secretary praises first responders and emergency services

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Today, the Home Secretary was in Salisbury to meet the first responders and emergency services following the incident in Salisbury.

She also met Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who is being treated at Salisbury District Hospital, as well as the medical staff there who are looking after the victims.

The Home Secretary heard from business owners and residents on how the local community had responded and not letting the attack affect them going about their daily lives.

During her visit, the Home Secretary praised the emergency services and saying:

They reacted with the sort of professionalism and indeed compassion that we would hope our emergency services do and I’m in awe of their sympathetic approach and their professionalism as they engage with these people.

They have all said to me they wouldn’t have done anything differently.

We are really lucky with our emergency services.

While in Salisbury, the Home Secretary also praised the resilience of the local community, saying she was impressed at how people had not let the terrible events affect them going about their daily lives.


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