23rd March 2018

Call for extra patrols to prevent Hydro darts louts damaging property

Residents in the West End have asked for extra police to patrol their streets during a specific SSE Hydro event. Members of Yorkhill and Kelvingrove community council said that they have noticed a spike in property damage during ‘darts nights’. As a precaution they have requested extra police patrols on St Vincent Crescent, Corunna Street, Minerva Street and Way and Argyle Street, near the arena, before and after the event



Innocent people among million mugshots held by Police Scotland

Police currently retain more than a million mugshots including an unknown number of people never charged with a crime. A report by an independent advisory group on biometric data such as fingerprints, DNA and photographs said some custody images are being held by Police Scotland for up to seven years. The report’s author, John Scott, called for the establishment of a code of practice to cover the acquisition, retention and disposal of biometrics and the creation of a new biometrics commissioner. According to the report, there are more than 633,000 photographs of around 362,000 individuals held in Police Scotland’s Criminal History System (CHS), where all records and images of charged and convicted persons are stored.



Report calls for creation of biometrics information watchdog

A NEW watchdog is needed to oversee the burgeoning use of biometric data such as DNA and facial imagery by Police Scotland, an independent expert group has said. The advisory group recommended a new code of practice on the “acquisition, retention, use and disposal of biometric data”, which is defined as “any physical, biological, physiological or behavioural data, derived from human subjects” which could identify individuals.



Heroic firefighters tackle Sauchiehall Street blaze

As the fire ripped through the building and people were evacuated from Sauchiehall Street, Scottish Fire and Rescue teams were running towards it. Fire crews have been on the scene since the back of 8 this morning fighting the fire, which they believe started in the roof of the building. Glasgow Live were on the scene and watched as teams with breathing apparatus ran in to try and tackle the blaze. It was confirmed this afternoon that there is asbestos in the building. Others worked with Police Scotland to help close streets and clear the area.



Salisbury police officer Nick Bailey says normal life after attack “will probably never be the same”

THE police officer exposed to the Novichok nerve agent after the Salisbury poisoning has spoken for the first time about his experience, saying how “normal life for me will probably never be the same”. After being discharged from hospital, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey said he was “overwhelmed” by the support he had received during what he described as a “completely surreal” experience. On Sunday March 4, he was taken to Salisbury District Hospital after responding to the attack on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia.







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