3rd April 2018

Stand Up To Islamophobia Day event organised for Edinburgh

An anti-racism campaign group will hold a protest in Edinburgh this evening against the hate campaign urging people to “punish a Muslim”. The Stand Up To Islamophobia Day event organised by Stand Up To Racism Edinburgh is one of a series of similar demonstrations taking place across the UK. The protest aims to counteract the social media and letter hate campaign which awards “points” for committing crimes against Muslims.



Child criminals as young as EIGHT caught breaking into house in Scotland, shock new figures reveal

More than 500 kids as young as eight have been accused of housebreaking in the past three years, it emerged yesterday. Figures from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration reveal about 190 referrals a year since 2014-15 for under 18s.  The most common age for child housebreakers was 15. But there were also around 50 under-12s reported, including a handful of eight and nine-year-olds.



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