24th April 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

More than 500 people arrested in Scotland on EU warrants

More than 500 people have been detained in Scotland on European Arrest Warrants for crimes including murder, rape and human trafficking.  The warrants allow EU states to demand the return of suspected criminals who have fled their home countries.  Most of the people arrested in Scotland since 2013 have been Polish nationals accused of serious crimes, according to figures obtained by STV News.


BTP Scotland merger could cost £500,000 per officers says Fed

The cost of merging BTP into PSoS north of the Border could amount to £500,000 per officer, a staff association claims.


New law needed to protect police dogs and horses

Animal welfare campaigners have backed calls for a new criminal offence of causing injury to police dogs and horses. Offenders who attack service animals can currently only be charged using a “patchwork” of laws many believe are unfit for purpose. But calls are growing for new laws to be introduced aimed at specifically targeting those who harm or kill service animals – including guide dogs. In recent years there has been a string of high-profile cases where police horses and dogs have been injured in the line of duty.


Tories push for new offence to protect police dogs from attack

The Scottish Conservatives have proposed a new offence that targets those who assault animals performing public service. On a visit to the dog unit at Baluniefield, Dundee, Tory MSP Liam Kerr said the “patchwork” of existing legislation fails to properly protect them.

Mr Kerr, who represents the North East, said: “Service animals are highly-trained members of Police Scotland and are repeatedly put in dangerous situations. “Police dogs and horses undergo extensive training. We ask them to work for us and risk their lives to keep us safe and yet the law does not fully protect them when they are hurt.  “Introducing a criminal offence of causing injury to police animals will ensure criminals who attack police animals are dealt with effectively, raise awareness of the severity of the crime and deter further attacks.”


An insight into domestic violence in Scotland

A domestic abuse incident is recorded roughly every 10 minutes in Scotland, and one in five women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. These statistics haven’t changed much in the last five years, and levels of abuse recorded by the police have remained relatively stable since 2011 at around 60,000 incidents a year.

However, that may be about to change.


Federation asks for alternatives to ‘reckless’ railway merger

Officers have urged the Scottish government to consider alternatives to the full integration of Police Scotland and British Transport Police (BTP).  Plans to combine Police Scotland with BTP’s operations north of the border were put on hold earlier this year due to concerns over the merger’s timescale.  Now the BTP Federation (BTPF) is claiming the time is right to review other options for changing BTP’s governance, such as devolving railway policing to Scotland.  In evidence presented to the Scottish parliament, the staff association claims current proposals could put lives at risk and incur additional costs of up to £500,000 per officer.  BTPF chair Nigel Goodband also urged MSPs to address the “mistrust” and “lack of confidence” among his members in those charged with delivering the integration.



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