18th May 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

Police issue safety advice ahead of Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Park

Police are urging football fans heading to Hampden Park on Saturday to play with the head.  Up to 50,000 people will descend on the stadium this weekend to see Celtic take on Motherwell in the Scottish League Cup Final. Anyone heading to the game is reminded to arrive in plenty of time as the park will be opened earlier than usual to accommodate the increased attendance and bag searches.


Scotland has reduced knife crime by treating violence as a public health and social problem, says Joanna Cherry

Death or assault with a knife leaves a scar not just on the victim, but on family, friends, neighbours and the wider community. Homicides, such as the stabbing of Bailey Gwynne at an Aberdeen school in October 2015, create a national sense of shock and profound loss.  But despite such a recent tragedy, knife crime in Scotland has plummeted over the last decade and, given the recent spate of stabbings in London, it is understandable that police, politicians and healthcare professionals are now looking to Scotland for a solution to their problem.  A decade ago Scotland, and Glasgow in particular, had a serious problem with knife crime. In 2004-05 there were 40 murders in Glasgow, more than a third of the total Scottish homicide rate, earning Glasgow the inglorious title of the murder capital of western Europe.


Proposals to cut the threat of acid attacks

The rising number of attacks using acid and corrosive substances as weapons, particularly in London, has resulted in a crackdown by the Government.  Criminals caught with corrosive substances twice will automatically face a prison sentence of at least six months under proposals to counter the threat of acid attacks. Police figures show there were 408 attacks using corrosive substances between November 2016 and April last year. Below are some of the most high-profile incidents in recent years: – Teenager Derryck John was sentenced to youth detention after carrying out a spate of acid attacks against moped riders in London in a bid to steal their vehicles. John targeted six riders in less than 90 minutes.



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